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Convention editorial

Jan 20, 2017

Container for the handling and transport of standardization, no need to dress up during transport, suitable for various modes of transport. Container transport provides a convenient door to door service, handling, transport, customs clearance (anti-smuggling/terrorism) efficient, has become an important global modes of transport. In addition, the container is needed to operate the Middle test and periodic test. Precisely because of the particularity of the container, requiring the State party's Government authorized the Organization of container design, manufacture, inspection and testing, certification and authorized classification society inspection of containers belonging to the international practice.

In China, the People's Republic of China survey of ships and offshore installations Ordinance 1993 States: China classification society host domestic and foreign ships, offshore facilities and containers into testing, forensic testing and certified inspection business. Container inspection authorization relates to the United Nations (UN) related requirements; the International Maritime Organization (IMO) of the SOLAS Convention and the IMDG; the United Nations marine environment protection Committee (MEPC) MAPOL Convention; UN/IMO CSC,CCC, IPO, MSA, the International Union of railways UIC, etc. One of the most important is the CSC Convention, CCC Convention, UIC, UN requirements, IMDG, etc.