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Container standards

Jan 20, 2017

Some large container shipping companies, according to the company's specific circumstances and conditions developed by the standard container shipping companies, this type of box is used primarily in the context of the company. United States company 35ft container, sea and land.

In addition, the world also has many non-standard container. Such as non-standard length containers have United States land-sea company 35ft container, President of the shipping company 45ft and 48ft container, non standard height containers, mainly 9ft and 9.5ft two height containers; non-standard width width of container 8.2ft containers. Due to the economic drive, 20ft container in the world more and more of the total weight up to 24ft, and generally well received. With the growth of China's economy, China's foreign trade is more and more frequently, so that the container used is more widely used in the market.