Singamas Qingdao Factory Directly Produce and Sell 20ft High Cube New Bulk Shipping Container

The whole underside will be coated with 25 mic. of zinc rich primer and 180 mic. of Waxy or Bituminous undercoating.

Product Details


1.Each perimeter of the floor;

2.All the overlapped joints of inside;

3.All the holes for bolts and nuts; 

4.Three sides of CSC plate and ventilators;

5.Between door gasket and door panel at 305 mm above lower gasket;

6.Details refer to the application of sealant drawing SBTH-1001.

Note: The application of interior sealant will be put on after water testing.

Sealant Materials: a. Chloroprene (Cargo contact area)

b. Butyl (Hidden parts)


The whole underside will be coated with 25 mic. of zinc rich primer and 180 mic. of  Waxy or Bituminous undercoating.

Total 205 mic. DFT.

Side Wall Assembly

The side walls will be continuously welded to each other and to the side rails and corner posts. Welding penetration side panels to rails should be min.75%.

1. Top Side Rails

Each top side rail is used a square steel pipe.          

2. Side Walls

Each side wall will be composed of a number of sheets for the intermediate (inner) parts and outer panels at each end of side wall, fully vertically corrugated into trapezium section, butt welded together to form one panel by automatic welding. 




Door Opening

Front Hatch Opening








6,058 mm

2,438 mm

2,896 mm

2,340 mm

2,613 mm

2,200 mm

350 mm



9' -6"

7'-8 1/8"

8'-6 7/8

7' -2 5/8"

1'-1 25/32"






Max Gross Weight

Tare Weight

Max Payload

5,855 mm

2,350 mm

2,695 mm

30,480 Kg

2,850 Kg

27,630 Kg

19' -2 33/64"

7'-8 33/64"

8'-10 5/64"

67,200 Lbs

6,285 Lbs

60,915 Lbs

Roof  Hatch Opening

Cubic Capacity

Allowable Stacking Weight

Φ488 mm

37.1 cu.m

192,000 Kg

1’-7 7/32"

1,310 cu.ft

423,280 Lbs

Special Feature

1. One horizontal discharge door fitted to the lower part of the front door.

2. One discharge door fitted to the lower part of each rear end door.

3. Equipped with three hatches on the roof to load bulk cargo.

4. Smooth steel floor is applied to facilitate unloading.

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