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The door consists of two door leaves, each leaf with two locking devices, four hinges, seal gaskets and door holders.

Product Details


The roof will be constructed by several die-stamp corrugated steel sheets with a certain upwards camber at the center of each trough and corrugation, these sheets are butt jointed together to form one panel by automatic welding.


The door consists of two door leaves, each leaf with two locking devices, four hinges, seal gaskets and door holders.

1. Door Leaf

Each leaf consists of door panel, steel door frame which consists of vertical (inner & outer) and horizontal (upper & lower) rails. They are welded together to form the rectangular door leave.

1.1 Door Panel: With 3 corrugations.

1.2 Door Frame: a) Door vertical rail

b) Door horizontal rail: door is capable of swinging 270 degrees when fully opened and can be secured in that position by means of door holder. right door is so designed that the right door must be opened before the left in compliance with T.I.R. requirements.

2. Door Gasket

The door gasket is of extruded EPDM with a double lip to ensure water tightness. The upper and side gaskets are of 'J' type configuration. Bottom is of a 'C' type configuration. It is attached with sealant and secured with stainless steel retainers by stainless steel (steel shaft) rivets.

3. Hinges and Pins

Four forged hinges, providing with bushed hole, are welded to each door leaf. Each door is installed by hinge pins, washers and bushings.

Washer- brass, under the bottom of hinge

Bushing- Self-lubricating synthetic

Pin - Stainless steel

4. Locking Devices

Galvanized locking devices of SCI 8569 MN or equivalent secured to the door with nuts and bolts and has nylon bushings on the brackets. The locking devices will be hot dip. galvanized to 75 micron and will be installed after the container is painted.

Approved door lock device manufacturers: Suraloc /Haihang/ Saijin

5. Door Holder and Receptacle

A door holder per door, made of mixed nylon rope, is tied to the center-side locking rod and the receptacle (hook type) is welded to each bottom side rail to retain the door at the open position.




Discharge hatches






Aperture Width

Aperture Heigh

6,058 mm

2,438 mm

2,591 mm

380 mm

760 mm

300 mm

300 mm



8’- 6”

1’-2 31/32”

2’-5 15/16"

11 4/5"’

11 4/5"






Max Gross Weight

Tare Weight

Max Payload

5,891 mm

2,352 mm

2,387 mm

30,480 Kg

2,600 Kg

27,880 Kg

19’- 3 15/16”

7’-8 3/5”

7’- 9 31/32”

67,200 Lbs

5,730 Lbs

61,470 Lbs

Door Opening

Roof Hatch Opening

Allowable Stacking Weight



Aperture diameter

192,000 Kg

423,280 Lbs

1,994 mm

852 mm


Cubic Capacity

6’- 6 1/2”

2’- 9 35/64”

1’-11 5/8"

33.23 cu.m

1,174 cu.ft

Special Feature

1. 3 manholes on the roof help to examine, repair, load or unload cargo.

2. All internal corners are chamfered to avoid waste sticking.

3. Discharge hatches on the end is convenient for cargo loading and unloading.

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